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SCOTUS Mapper Library: Immigration

Immigration Power: Padilla (2010) to Fong Yue Ting (1892)

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This map shows over 100 years of Supreme Court doctrine around the nature of immigration power. It was created by combining two 3-degree citiation networks that both start with 2010's Padilla v. Kentucky. One network links Padilla to the Chinese Exclusion Case (1889) and the other links Padilla to Fong Yue Ting (1892). This combined network was then filtered so that only opinions containing the word "immigration" are displayed.

The network is depicted using a Spaeth display. Red cases are coded conservative by the Supreme Court Database while blue cases are coded liberal. Please note that since the Spaeth database does not contain any cases decided prior to the 1946 term, all the cases in green have no Spaeth values. Their postion on the Y axis is thus random. This map therefore hints at the limits of Spaeth when undertaking historical doctrinal research. For more on mapping using Spaeth displays, please see this video.


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Immigration Power Padilla (2010) Fong Yue Ting (1892)